So. You've read a bunch of my crazy-ass ramblings, and you feel a compulsion to throw spare change at me.

Well, don't worry about it.

I'm a freelancing Toronto programmer, whose writing is crafted for the dual purposes of a log stream and my own amusement. You've paid me quite enough by reading. If that's really not good enough, and you feel the need to engage in reciprocation...


Submit my posts to the appropriate content aggregators and comment on them. I won't tell you which posts or aggregators, but pick out whatever you find interesting enough to discuss and discuss it. I wouldn't mind being poked, just so I can answer questions if they come up.

Tip these folks

The EFF, the FSF, and a choice piece of Lisp infrastructure all do good, necessary work, and could probably put your money to better use than I would.

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I use some services that provide subscription bonuses.

Specifically, Digital Ocean, Ritual, AirBnB and Uber. So if you're considering signing up for any of them, click here for DO, here here for Ritual, here for AirBnB, or use the Uber invite code leoz602ue to give both of us a free kick in the appropriate service.

Hire Me

If you've got the need for a programmer for a 5-to-30-hour-long project, are fine with it being built in some Lisp or ML flavor, think I might be able to handle the challenge, and can pay my hourly rate, get in touch with me and give me something interesting to hack on.

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